They can’t resolve the issues within their own ranks,” he said. “And so they give us one continuing resolution after the next. And now we are piling up all the things that need to be done.”. Telluride Ty Williams, who earlier in the fall season became a three time cross country champion, cruised to a victory in the 3,200 (9:35.78). Class 5A cross country champion Kirk Webb of Monarch held off Fort Collins Jefferson Abbey to win the 800.Comments Off on Saturday roundup: The Liberty Bell takes center stageWe quickly closing in on the postseasons for all spring sports. The Class 5A playoffs will get 32 qualifiers, split into eight four team districts.The true seeded bracket will be set on May 7; District play begins May 12.Comments Off on 5A baseball playoff picture: The race is on in the Continental, Front Range leaguesThe premier team in the Class 5A Colorado Springs Metro League, Pine Creek, flexed its offensive muscle on Thursday night at home against Palmer.The Eagles spotted the Terrors a 5 0 lead after the first half inning and then promptly put 15 runs on the board en route to a 26 7 win.

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