20 most painfully annoying characters of all time

canada goose uk shop Television can be our good friend: it comforts when we’re alone and when we’re sick. It provides entertainment and knowledge. It brings us the news and gives us a better understanding of our world. But television can also annoy. The biggest annoyances on TV are Canada Goose Parka typically found in commercials, but there are others. When it comes to these one of my biggest complaints is the annoying character. canada goose uk shop

canada goose uk outlet The following list is my personal 20 picks of the most painfully annoying characters (independent of the individual TV show itself) of all time. These characters are so unbearable that they go far beyond any Love To Hate ‘Em thing. I just can’t bear them. canada goose uk outlet

Note: there are no inclusions here from any reality shows. For as ridiculous as reality TV generally is, I’m not going to castigate any persons here who have a hard time separating their real selves from the fiction they’ve created via exaggerated and hyped Reality. Also, I’ve avoided naming any character from a cast ensemble so bad that the entire show is just consummately annoying. However, canada goose coats on sale because I care about the mental health of readers who may not yet have seen one of those canada goose black friday sale shows I will make mention of them at the end. Forewarned is to be forearmed, you know!

Warren Ferguson got hired on as deputy in Mayberry after Barney Fife left for greener horizons. that made Goober seem like a rocket scientist by comparison. Imagine the town’s grief when the county coroner reported Warren had died Canada Goose Outlet of a self inflicted neck wound at the end of a long rope tied to Andy’s cruiser. Aunt Bea was so broke up she threw the biggest keg party the Ladies Church Social had ever sponsored.

canada goose factory sale Part magician, part court jester, part anal plug with cayenne lubricant, Orko was Eternia’s Warren Ferguson. Unlike Warren, however Orko wasn’t confined to sharing his unique and unforgettable presence with one canadian goose jacket set of townspeople. Orko spread his unforgettable presence far and wide, and to his Canada Goose online dying day cherished the scars from the many stonings he suffered at the hands of angry mobs. In fact, Orko https://www.winterdownparkas.com has been memorialized by the Man at Arms Lawn Company who used his name for their top of the line manure. canada goose factory sale

There are few less fatiguing spectacles than a child put into a role canada goose clearance sale where their irritating penchants for over acting and scene hogging are given free reign. But Miley Cyrus aside, Hannah Montana’s Rico was even worse: not only did this character never know when to shut up, he couldn’t shut up with gusto. The rare times he did manage to close his mouth was when he was either oogling beach babes or trying to con a patron at his beverage shack.

I had some friends who liked Sex and The City. I tried to like it, but the reoccurring dilemmas experienced by a bunch of horny morons too stupid to learn from past mistakes just isn’t my cup of tea. And the worst thing about this show was the main character Carrie. I’m sorry, but boring doesn’t canada goose adequately cover the depth, width, breadth and height of this character’s lack of interestingness. Counting the flies on the walls was more exciting than trying to keep up with Carrie’s parade of sniveling, emotionally unstable boy toys and personal tribulations. And don’t even get me started on the pain of seeing her re apply her lipstick for twenty times during a single episode. The only redeemable thing I can say about Carrie is that thanks to her I found out how riveting the Weather Channel is by comparison.

canada goose uk black friday Although her mother would never admit it, Karen Arnold had more talent in one icy pinkie finger than her younger brother Kevin did in his entire book savvy brain. She managed to balance dual careers as man hating hippie feminist and Daddy’s pampered princess and both without ever buy canada goose jacket once having to bat an eyelid. The problem was Karen rarely did bat an eyelid. Or crack a smile. Or break a sweat in the heat of summer. Or move her arms. Or bend her knees when she walked. Or move her chest when she breathed so everyone else could tell she was breathing and stop dialing 9 1 1. Karen Arnold proved that being a hippie isn’t the worst of things, but being a hippie with only one running emotion that of perpetual angst can be almost as frustrating as trying to bend your rubber hinged ass down behind the wheel of the Barbie Corvette. canada goose uk black friday

Peter Griffin is the head of a cartoon family and has several colorful attributes that makes him so appealing to a select group of viewers: arrogance, gluttony, rudeness, insensitivity, self canada goose clearance pity, vulgarity, unreliability, crudeness, selfishness, wrath, laziness and a deep and abiding sense of self preservation. Peter will hurt anyone if it means getting what he wants and when he wants it, and he never forgets even the slightest of slights cast his way. Which is about the closest the show gets to humor during any given episode.

In the years All In The Family was running on CBS Meathead was the outspoken liberal nemesis of his equally outspoken blue collar father in law, Archie Bunker. Meathead’s wife, Gloria, worked hard to pay his way through college and it was her parents’ home the couple resided in for a good many years. Although this arrangement brought its share of grief for Gloria and her mother, Edith, it provided Meathead the opportunity to reflect on the unfairness of the capitalistic system, and his angst with the wrongdoings of the government provided a never ending source of kindle for his fiery debates with Archie. Even to this day Meathead remains the icon of the self sacrificing leftist struggling to bring enlightenment to stupid capitalists, like the kind that donated money to build the colleges he attended and later taught at. Cyrus only plays canada goose outlet Robbie Ray on television. Likewise, Robbie Ray’s fictional background only coincidentally mimics Cyrus’ own even down to his fame for writing mediocre hits. That the two are both fathers to a child star, convinced of their own artistic genius and that they both perpetuate ridiculous Southern stereotypes is purely coincidental, too. That Robbie Ray, as eager as he is to spout off trite paternal advice, is still a better father than Cyrus will ever be should convince everyone that the two have absolutely nothing in common. Remember that or else Cyrus might come to your house and give a performance of Achy, Breaky Heart right outside your window.

Way back before my time TV children all looked rather the same. They acted rather the same. They dressed rather the same. And their problems, as psychologically irrelevant as they were addressed, were virtually all the same. It was a boring age with plastic answers for every problem encountered by TV families. And then Beaver Cleaver arrived.

canada goose clearance sale Beaver was anything but the same: he was antsy, he was nosy. He whined a lot and was often callous to family members and friends alike. He liked to interrupt people, A LOT. He ransacked his brother’s stuff and often came to the supper table with dirty hands. Beaver never showed appreciation for his hard working stay at home Mom, and instead looked up to a father who was either smoking his pipe, stuffing his pie hole or gone off to work. Beaver was generally sweaty, emotionally self absorbed, a tattletale, a brown noser in relations with teachers and he had a set of buck chomps strong enough to fell the mighty oak. Yep, Beaver definitely came from a different mold of TV children. And according to some oldsters I’ve talked to he did more for advancing birth control back then than the cost of sheets for double beds and the threat of biological warfare combined. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose I’ve never understood why this show was called Little House on the Prairie. It was so unlike the Laura Ingalls Wilder autobiographical series as to be a crime to even claim it was adapted from her books. A much better name for the show would have been The Michael Landon Show, because in all honesty it was little more than a vehicle to showcase his acting and director “talents” anyway. And his hair, of course. His portrayal of Charles “Pa” Ingalls was so unbearably sunny and fashionably liberal it gives me headaches to watch him. Do you remember the opening scene of the show where the girls are rolling down the grassy hill? I have actually had dreams where I am kicking Michael Landon down that hill under the hooves of a mule. And at the end of the hill is this big pit of boiling tar, where he’s cooked alive while Ma Ingalls, Mrs. Oleson and Nellie Oleson sing bawdy tavern songs. Oleson is selling barbecue sandwiches to the happy townsfolk coming to watch. Sigh. If only the TV show had been this interesting. canada goose

Canada Goose Jackets With Good Times viewers were brought into the intimate day to day living as faced by the Evans family. They were a nice family with a manly, hard working Dad and charitable, hard working Mom, a curvy beautiful daughter and good natured and musically talented young son. Although they lived in poverty and in a rough section of town the Evans family were loving, decent people who would make anyone proud to call them neighbors. This child at least that’s what the Evans family told everyone it was was tall and thin, with Canada Goose Jackets ribs that protruded through its leathery flesh. Its facial features resembled those of a horse and its reach extended six times the length of its spindly arms. Its huge teeth glowed in the dark and its sharp bony knees were known to canada goose deals lacerate small children who happened to pass its way. was to behold, its voice was even more alarming. It cackled when it laughed, which was often, and it had a habit of crowing whenever it saw a mirror. would squawk in strange intonations mingled with a bogus foreign accents, and unless Mrs. Evans was nearby to intervene, posture itself before the female and perform strange dances reminiscent of a vulture mating ritual. was prepared to seek out a mate and bring her back to his lair in order to breed. Canada Goose Jackets

uk canada goose outlet The poor Evans family. It’s no wonder Mr. Evans keeled over dead with a smile of relief on his face. uk canada goose outlet

canada goose black friday sale Granted, Japanese style anime is an acquired taste for most westerners. The biggest hurdle in trying to watch these forms of entertainment is found in the behavior dispayed by a majority of the characters. Their emotions are erratic and whatever reaction they are supposed to be feeling very often just seems out of buy canada goose jacket cheap context with whatever is going on in the storyline. Likewise, their facial features often shift with lightning speed and the pitch of their voices frequently go from normal to loony to ear piercing scream and back to loony again, once or twice, before leveling out again for the next twenty odd seconds or so. canada goose black friday sale

cheap Canada Goose Now take this commonplace scenario and multiply it by a hundred and you have the character of Krillin. According to the DragonBallZ world he is supposed to be a valiant warrior who accomplishes a lot of heroic deeds. But you really couldn’t know this by merely watching the show. Here, he is cheap Canada Goose a kinetic ball of misplaced emotions and volcanically erupting gestures. If you were to meet someone like this on the street you’d run and call the mental hospital to report an escape. Sadly this isn’t how they roll in the realm of DragonBallZ. But I can say Krillin and his multiple personalities makes the idiotic laughing of Spongebob Squarepants a lullaby by contrast. cheap Canada Goose

canadian goose jacket Like Beaver Cleaver before him, Arnold Jackson was an annoying TV child. But where Beaver was whiny and indifferent, Arnold was usually deliberately rude and bossy. Arnold also mugged for the camera more than any child character to ever hit the television airways. And his trademark, smugly delivered “What’chu talk’in about, Willis?” became one of TV’s best known catch phrases, even as Arnold himself attracted only a cult following among adults with obsessions for living things that come in miniature packages. canadian goose jacket

buy canada goose jacket cheap My Mom drove me crazy every time Diff’rent Strokes was on the air. An example of the emotion seeing Arnold inspired would be this particular conversation of one night. buy canada goose jacket cheap

uk canada goose My Mama said, as canada goose store she always did at least once during the broadcast, “Oh, Arnold is soooo cute!” uk canada goose

cheap canada goose uk “No Mama,” I said, “he’s not cute. He’s a camera hog and this dialog is just drivel.” cheap canada goose uk

“So what? If he wants to be a camera hog that’s fine. He’s little and adorable. What’s wrong with you?”

“This show is really hard to take, Mama.”

Canada Goose sale “Why? Because you’re not little and cute anymore? Are you jealous?” Canada Goose sale

“I don’t see a five o’clock shadow. Its the lighting in the studio.”

Then my Dad looked up from the newspaper and interjected, “Your daughter’s right. That is a five o’clock shadow.”.

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