Energy Science of the Brain

Canada Goose Outlet In Blue Matrix Energetics the practitioner learns to understand and process the variety of the spectrums of ultra violet, x ray, gamma buy canada goose jacket cheap and the zero point field; the quiet, radiant fields. These frequencies are known in sciences like astronomy but rarely discussed in the realm of energy based healing modalities. This absence of knowledge has lead to dogmatic, far out explanations of what healing energy is and where it comes from. More accurately it has been termed chi, prana, universal life force energy etc. While these are valid names they hardly paint the full picture of the dynamic hyperspace realms of frequencies we inhabit as multi dimensional beings and as such have access to. Canada Goose Outlet

Life force is the movement of the great spiritual self canada goose store and can be perceived through our embodiment. It can catapult us to experiencing ascending frequency dimensions. It is from these dimensions and associated states of consciousness that the most experienced practitioner will perform his/her most formidable healing work. Also largely omitted from most energy healing training is any mention of the brain ability and role in receiving and processing different frequencies.

canada goose coats In simple terms, our day to day thinking process occurs in the cortexes (partly composed of a high lipid level in the white mater). That is where we process information that we have accumulated over our life time, analyze, create thought constructs and form neurological connections for motor functions and many other learned skills. Here we store a library archive of facts and information that we have accumulated to use as building platforms of concepts. This area of the brain works on slower frequencies and time and gives us the experience of our fluxing, conscious, personality self. The temporal lobes are the place where the brain begins to move into a trance when we are meditating or sleepy. It is similar to someone turning down the lights and dimming a room preparing for quiet. Music like Gregorian chants and has an interesting effect on this area of the brain. canada goose coats

uk canada goose Clair audience takes Canada Goose Jackets place largely using the temporal lobes; canada goose outlet ‘hearing’ another psychically and is connected to our auditory system on a higher vibration. uk canada goose

It is the little I that uses the cortexes and is split in consciousness from the Creator; the I as the Holy Spirit when the codex key activity is not in action. In action a codex key given is the firing of the cerebellum that in that moment of codex activation the whole brain lights up and magically the Holy Spirit maps in the cortexes the information from the codex key given. Now no split in consciousness exists for the being as far as the new self is being forged with that key having open those gates including glandular hormonal releases and neurotransmitter releases in the brain necessary for the information to be mapped Canada Goose Parka correctly. In addition once mapped the observer may use the catalogued memory bank of the cortexes in slower time to move out of any consciousness split to create concepts in faster processing areas of the brain during creative time. In the soul use of the cerebellum once the codex key information is mapped it may also use certain conceptual symbols to access more keys upon focusing on them to important or relevant information to the current lifetime from past incarnations thusly accessing more codex keys healing any splits in consciousness canada goose clearance sale that may have been carried forth from another life.

Canada Goose online Perhaps when some zealously hunt for psychics to experience past life regression what is really desired is the accessing of catalogue data that closes a chapter to an important block of data for the soul to map through the entire brain. No consciousness split exists once the information from a given codex key is mapped in the cortexes or what is taught about in all spiritual texts that endeavor to explain and in unified consciousness. Canada Goose online

The midbrain area is able to process frequencies in the range of infra red to ultra violet in a faster time. The state of consciousness experienced from this part of the brain is markedly different than the cortexes. Characteristics that I have experienced of this are: no time, emotional disassociation, disembodiment, being removed from the environment yet experiencing 360 degrees of that or other environments as a detached observer, remote view of past or future, psychic awareness of clients history and or ailments. The feeling of accessing this area of the brain is like moving underwater deep inside the center of the brain. It is like a space ship taking off from the conceptual platform of the cortex library of ideas and moving to the midbrain of the deep place where once trance begins the then the space ship may zoom into a blast of a world that is the idea unfolded in richly detailed, holographic brilliance.

canadian goose jacket Training the brain to map the memory of this unfolding increases the ability to record the experiences over time in the cortexes with as much richness as that area of the brain is created for. The limbic systems situation at the back of the cortexes creates a place of impulse from the processing of the energy centers data, a leap into the brain according to the calibration of the energy centers information input that creates emotion. Lymbic structures are the sensory environment ‘antenna’ like on a butterfly I call them the amygdala the hyppocampus which is a a navigation structure that helps orient one self in space time (both determine which memories are stored where in the brain for example if you are yelled at information may pass through those structures and be placed in the inner cortex areas where as if you are listening to inspiring music and contemplating the memories of your activity maybe mapped in the outer cortex areas) the thalamus which is a strong anchoring point for soul expression; this miniature cortex like structure that also vibrates well higher inspiration for genius mind. The thalamus is also involved endocrine control and thus gender identity of the soul and sleep wake cycle regulation as well. The hypothalamus is also part of the limbic structure that regulates sleep and waking up, emotional regulation that affects the autonomic canada goose black friday sale function in sympathetic or parasympathetic activity because of endocrine function canada goose coats on sale control. The fold in the brain called the singulate gyrus is involved in the sensory input affecting emotional response and regulating aggression. Other limbic structures are the fornix; a fibrous neuron structure that connects the hippocampus to the hypothalamus. Olfactory bulb is also a small structure in the olfactory cortex contained in the medial temporal lobes lobes that controls the sense of smell that is close to the nose area above it and a part of the limbic system. From mid brain impulses to the way the consciousness jumps to the cortexes which may affect not only our speech, actions and planning but also how the motor cortex, comprehension canada goose clearance and the processing of time occurs in the slower part of humanity. Illusion is present in the processing of mind in the mid brain area that is the place of receiving psychic impressions from the past or future. canadian goose jacket

canada goose uk black friday Back of the cortexes is necessary for balance, memory of where we put things what we read in some people and other things mentioned in this text. canada goose uk black friday

canada goose A still point of no space time is found there and the illusory world of the solid creation that we participate in is demonstrated in hyperspace worlds. A mechanism of the mid brain area the occurs when the cortex activity quiets during focus time is the secretions of melatonin from the bathing of the cerebral spinal fluid with the charged light from the nervous system which excites the electrolytic action in the spinal fluid necessary for neurotransmitters to flow correctly. are chemicals made by the body which relay, amplify, and modulate signals between a neuron and another cell. Neurotransmitters are packaged into synaptic vesicles that cluster beneath the membrane on the presynaptic side of a synapse, and are released into the synaptic cleft, where they bind to receptors in the membrane on the postsynaptic side of the synapse. scientific information supports the theory of mirror neurons of the upper bandwidth infra red realm just before visible light create a mirroring of a concept mapped in the brain in that vibration or launches from the mirror matching state of realization with another person ( read soul observance article). Nova on neurons on line recommended. The thalamus is a limbic cheap Canada Goose system structure that is the extra sensory small structure that fires mirror neurons fast for psychic impressions to be formed. It is governed by the reticular formation that gives the ‘sense or feeling through the whole nervous system canada goose pre flight or flight like a warning sixth sense that is its greatest function for self preservation canada goose deals on a higher level of perception. It is a key area in navigating multiple streams of information such as crossing the street in the rain and watching out for someone behind us about to bump us and a jump to the cerebellum occurs from there. canada goose

Amygdale is a pair of nuclei structure that is emotional instinctive sensory in its role and may fire up to gamma brain wave bursts during inspiration. It plays a role in hormonal release in relevance to the emotions run. It may also fire this gamma frequency during higher level sexuality Canada Goose Outlet to program the biological matrix to whatever the mind consumed is during sexual arousal.

Canada Goose Jackets In addition the function of the reticular formation and the seven energy senses hyperspace higher vibration perception into UV Blue realm of vibration makes this organ vibrate very high during healing work or the BME Merkaba process and is key in the unity of the consciousnesses flowing to the brain and body expedited as unified in a higher vibration. Canada Goose Jackets

buy canada goose jacket The hypothalamus’s where the codex is either ‘primitive’ driven for instinct of a lower order through the glandular secretions that lead to fight or flight and fear; the nor adrenalin and adrenalin response. Or the biochemistry of joyousness and clean sensuality relaxed is in a calm nervous system that can actually fire gamma bursts faster paradoxically. Anger is the fastest way to exhaust the nervous system through these pathways and fear shrinks the thalamus significantly over time. Sexuality if of a higher order there is a magical bonding chemistry that is beneficial and programmable of the biological matrix for deep relaxation in non co dependent sharing and focus such as in heavenly lovemaking. If the sex is CSN fixative such as from hard core pornography then the gateways of this thalami cortex area through the action of the hypothalamus information system process screams be your body be your body be your body and that is pure senses no sixth senses except hidden in the negative so there is no intimacy possible with the partner under those conditions. It also affects hyperspace navigation capability for if the entity is wired for ‘primitive’ response based on fixed CSN over stimulated body gratification they are no codex key granted situation for higher level abilities. Thalamus fires willful action to be or do from an inspired state ideally which is also greatly influential on mitochondrial efficacy and a relaxed yet strong fluid body with no solar plexus problems such as digestion and healthy lung heart mass all the way Canada Goose online through the body health if the sexuality is not confused; sexuality splits the entity the most of any activity into altered self and neurosed perceptions or fears. In babies the observer is contained into a small body and brain that as it grows has to reorient itself to motor function that is not unlike a paraplegic that is relearning basic motor function and mapping its observer to watch its arm moving for the cortexes are the past always the past recording of the faster brain area fired the cerebellum so the soul is saying, ‘hey kid you are being mapped now we need to get moving and the little i the cortex identity has to see that we need to get moving. This is not like the dancer or athlete that is fluid in motion for that entity has already gone through the wiring of a child’s brain and now has understanding of movement and may also now work on higher cognitive and movement levels to excel in an athletic pursuit where the god force kicks in and you have the well run biological miracle that has evolved from hours of work that had its humble beginnings as the tiny baby remembering what its arm moving was. Some adults many of them move between the motor cortexes and the cerebellum to move the body. Usually this accompanies the big joke the observer growing up if it gets stuck over navigating its reality from the cortexes once they have been mapped through childhood to adulthood not unlike the athlete who hast to navigate past this wiring to excel. In the higher cognitive function there is the the necessity to see and perceive beyond the five sensory world of the small I that lives in the past memory log of the same consciousness firing faster that is the same as the stuck state of the grown observer stuck reviewing its sensory world. That is not the holy spirit functioning it is not fully perceiving past the illusion of reading the mapping of the higher cognitive self the big I the divine entity state. In the reticular formation there is the attainment of the pathways to the whole brain that is like a lattice work of firing which includes the instructions to the seven energy centers that process the living experience through the physical biological vehicle the body and so this has the determining dispensation of ability from the first arm movement to the dancer fluid across the stage. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Online In regards to mirror neurons they have a unique place in brain usage where in mapping of the cortexes there is the phenomenon of memory of the child which is the examination of the self mapping motor skills and upon firing through inspiration of the excitement of the move accomplished the whole brain fires the mapping as positive feed back to the identity growing having accomplished this. Faster motor skills ensue from this secret maneuver. In illness a child has less inspiration in the growth and physical development of the cortex mapping and therefore in these times may not develop as strongly and quickly. So there is a mirror neuron effect of mapping memory to lift the arm to reach for an object. canadian goose jacket Any self examination is therefore inclusive of the mirror neuron wiring of self reflection just before the cells have their program as flesh. In Quantum Mind Management the vital ingredient of advancing practitioners of it is to disallow the mirror world of reflection or examination of others as sympathetic wiring which is a neuroses state keeping the entity in the small I of cortex mapping after the growth phase is complete. Neurosis is the unnatural state of mapping another’s reflection of us as self identification. Mirror neurons fire as such and the only way out is the tunnel on earth of communing in the state of pure non analytical observation both entities looking into each others eyes where there is a loss of time perception and love moving that is truth honored of beingness in the moment without judgment or analysis. Canada Goose Online

Canada Goose sale Transcendence of insecurity or suspicion of ulterior interests is then a clean mirror world that is only the entity and unconditional acceptance without the neurosis of taking on another’s lesser mind as self. Teachings that are accepted which support higher sovereign state are also mirror neuron firing which contain an accepted state of inspired mind to explore and become. Inspiring teachers are not the same as mirror worlds askew of, ‘I wonder what she thinks of this dress?’ Not the same as, ‘you look great today Canada Goose sale nice dress!’ Big difference and energy science teachers give the elevation of consciousness through study and practice the feedback that is devoid of expected positive reinforcement or negative association with failure. Canada Goose sale


cheap canada goose uk Feed back given is there in order to help form a correct mirror world un skewed un neurosed with over self examination of worthiness issues. Assessment of progress with love of self is then possible without taking any Instructors worlds personally freeing the soul from over mapping feedback loop of the small I in the student. cheap canada goose uk

A reticular formation in the brain in the center where from the brain stem moving up it is formed around the

canada goose clearance mid brain area and is a highly important place where the codex keys accessed create the quantum state allowed for how the entity is firing the brain as a whole and at what observational, navigation levels of conscious awareness the being functions on thusly affecting the physical plane experience. It is an area of the output of rich bundles of information woven to represent a lattice structure that is harmoniously rich communication with the rest of the brain that fires at that level of the UV codex information; the reticular formation. This formation is given the codex attained pattern that wires the rest of the cortexes with what is brought forth into conscious awareness and is where inspiration heralds also from living the truth of experiencing codex keys granted which heighten inspiration in consciousness activities such as writing, music composition, art and other creative activities which include basic skills such as cooking and many more from earned attainment. In addition the whole brain cerebellum functions on a much more God aware level that is a conscious stream and the being is not just vital sign manager with this area of the brain. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Attainment of the whole entity consciousness growing and developing in its incarnation is moving to the area of the brain that uses the cortexes in a different way now grown up from mapping acceptable content through childhood to keep the identity safe from non age appropriate content that would overwhelm the observer at younger ages to the trap of the societal structure that says no to being unique as genius contemplating outside the parameters of acceptance requiring the eccentric label too often by the hilariously asleep cortex identified jury of humanity un awakened. In order to stay in the enlightened state the observer must at puberty understand the challenges of the cerebral penetration of a partner engaging sexuality one day beyond its cortex mapping for it is not easy to map as it is mostly feeling of a higher intuitive order that is usually misidentified in society past the basic pro creative information of reproduction and the tantalizing images of nudity are not describing the sex act at all it is simply teaching to look at the body in a less innocent state than children have naturally. Such teachings place too much emphasis on body identification which is a necessary to stay in the cortex recorded past to review the body as acceptable which is a planned neurosis keeping the observer in the little I instead of moving past the daily grooming smiling at the lovely results of a beautified being wearing a lovely body and them moving to the rest of the day in confidence and attention to quantum creation of a higher order. Pornography is the a sexual neurosis inducing medium where there is such a strong CSN plug in to sex on the scree that it is Canada Goose Coats On Sale.

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