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moncler mens jackets Preliminary work has begun on the pipeline route in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Montana and South Dakota except for the state of Nebraska, where it faces a legal challenge, a TransCanada spokesperson told the Financial Post.The this link company is delivering pipe, conducting civil engineering work on pump stations and clearing vegetation along the route ahead of full construction, which is expected to start next year though the company has yet to officially announce a final investment decision. As Line 3 and Trans Mountain mark milestonesDespite court setback, Ottawa vows to move forward on Trans Mountain pipeline this year cheap moncler maya jacket we will start moving equipment to prepare workforce camp and camp modules, TransCanada spokesperson Matthew John said.In Canada, John said, uk moncler outlet there will be some increased truck traffic between Camrose, Alta. And Regina as the company is moving pipe.The long delayed Keystone XL has emerged as a critical lifeline for Canadian oil companies as existing export pipelines have filled up, leading to record breaking US$50 per barrel discounts for Western Canada Select, a heavy oil blend.Amid the crippling discounts, the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project to the West Coast has stalled after a Federal Court of Appeal ruling in August that went against the federal government, which recently moncler outlet store germany took ownership of the project moncler mens jackets.

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