How to Stay True to Yourself in the Face of Motherhood

buy canada goose jacket cheap You gain a lot of things when you become a mother. Unconditional love. Selflessness. The ability to cry happy tears. Protective instincts and Canada Goose Outlet multi tasking superpowers. But you also lose a lot of things. Freedom. canada goose clearance sale Sleep. Independence. Your identity. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose uk black friday I don’t mean to paint a dismal picture. And really, motherhood looks different for everyone. But for Canada Goose sale me, becoming a mother changed my world in more ways than I ever expected. I wouldn’t trade my son for buy canada goose jacket anything in the world nor could I ever replace our times together and memories made. But I had to fight to get to where I am today. I struggled with saying goodbye to my cheap Canada Goose old life and falling into this new and foreign role of mother. If you find yourself fighting this same battle the battle to keep your head above water. Fighting to stay true to who you are as a person and not lose all sense of self, this article is for you. canada goose uk black friday

canada goose black friday sale Drown Out the NoiseEveryone has an opinion when it comes to parenting. And, trust me, people are going to want to give your theirs whether you want to or not. This can become pretty overwhelming pretty quick. It can also feel intrusive and create unnecessary stress for new moms. It’s not an easy feet but canada goose clearance you need to drown out the noise of others. Those people trying to tell you how to feed your infant, establish a healthy sleep routine, and socialize them. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose uk outlet At the end of the day, every child is different and you know yours better than anyone. Even if it doesn’t feel that way. There may be times when someone says something that makes you doubt yourself and your decisions. Try not to let this happen. Drown out the outside noise that doesn’t serve you. If someone is persistent, there are a few things you can politely say to end the conversation. Things like, “Thank you for the advice but I’m not going to do that”, or “I really don’t want to discuss this right now”. You don’t need to be rude but you need to be firm. Welcome the advice of those you trust and won’t judge you based on your decisions. Surround yourself with positivity and you’re maternal instinct will do the rest. canada goose uk outlet

Canada Goose online Do the Things You canada goose coats LoveOne of the best ways to hold onto your identity during motherhood is to continue doing the things you love. Whether it’s attending yoga classes, running, being part of a book club, or scrapbooking, don’t lose sight of the things that make you happiest. Those are the things that make you who you are and without them, you may slowly lose yourself in this world called motherhood. Of course, some things will change after your child is born. Your time will be less flexible and sometimes, it won’t be your own. It may feel like your every waking moment is dictated by your child. This is normal. And as long as it doesn’t go on for too long, it’s perfectly natural and healthy. But, in time, when both you and your baby adjust to this new dynamic, you can start to slowly carve out time for yourself. Get up extra early in the morning to sneak in a quick yoga sesh or a run. Stay up a little later each night to complete a page or two in your scrapbook or favorite novel you’re reading. Without these breaks, your mental and emotional condition will suffer, which will, in turn, affect your ability to mother. Self preservation is key when it comes to remaining patient, available, and positive for your child. Canada Goose online

canada goose clearance sale Create BoundariesIt’s important to create a healthy set of boundaries between you and your child. This isn’t always easy and is something I still struggle with today. There is an unwritten bond between mother and child. You gave life to this little person who grew and developed inside your body for 9 months. You are connected and always will be. But when your little one enters this world, they need to understand the child parent dynamic. This means that you, as the parent, set the rules and your child obeys them. These boundaries should be set from the very beginning and are done in subtle ways. Things, like setting a bedtime and letting your child know that they must sleep in their own room, are healthy boundaries that will support healthy development. The fact that they don’t choose what’s for dinner and aren’t allowed to have ice cream before their meal. These are all rules and standards that you set Canada Goose online as the parent. It helps your child to understand your canadian goose jacket role, as well as their own. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose clearance Setting healthy boundaries also means treating your child as exactly that a child. They don’t need to be involved in adult conversations or privy to certain information. Certain decisions are not left up to them and you must strike that magic balance of being your child’s parent first and their friend second. This can sometimes be canada goose store difficult as you canada goose coats on sale want to keep the lines of communication open without enabling inappropriate behavior. But setting healthy boundaries now will only benefit canada goose deals both you and your child in the future. And will keep you from feeling overwhelmed and suffocated. canada goose clearance

cheap Canada Goose Love YourselfYour entire being changes following pregnancy. Namely, your body and your self perception. Carrying a child is no simple task. It places a strain on your physical, emotional, and mental well being. Some mothers bounce back quicker than others. If you’re finding it hard to identify with the new image you see in the mirror, it’s time to practice some self love. This applies even during your pregnancy. The pregnant woman’s body is a beautiful and wondrous thing but not everyone feels that way. Try purchasing maternity clothes that are flattering to your new figure. It’s okay to splurge on one or two specialty items if it’s what you need to feel comfortable and attractive. The same holds true following the birth of your child. You may need to invest in a new wardrobe for your postpartum figure. And that’s okay! Think about how amazing pregnancy is and the fact that you created another human being. Remind yourself that you are a sensual woman who deserves love and affection. cheap Canada Goose

canadian goose jacket If you need more than just an outfit to lift your mood, invest time in yourself. This can come in the form of a massage, facial, or new hairstyle. Maybe you and your significant other need to plan a weekend getaway where you reconnect and reaffirm your love for one another. Be open and honest with your partner about how you’re feeling. Although self love comes from within, the support of a loved one can help get you there. Practice positive affirmations and positive self talk. Remind yourself each day how amazing, beautiful, and capable you are. Speaking to a friend, family member, or therapist about your feelings is a great way to get them out in the open and help manage them. canadian goose jacket

canada goose coats on sale Remember, You Are Not AloneThere are millions of mothers around the world. Some new, some seasoned, some single, adoptive, or step. Mothers come in all different shapes, sizes, and cultures. There’s no one size fits all answer to motherhood. That’s what makes us all uniquely beautiful. We all have our own inner struggles and challenges to overcome but that doesn’t mean you need to do it alone. Surround yourself with positive and strong people who lift you up, love you, and offer sound advice when welcomed and without judgment. Just canada goose outlet know, you are not alone. And you’ve got this! canada goose coats on sale

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