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cheap canada goose uk Democrats loved him because he exposed all the horrors the military was capable of and a lot of things they despised about the CIA, NSA and FBI were all sort of dragged out into the light. cheap canada goose uk

Republicans hated him because it exposed a lot of trade secrets the three letter agencies used to get information. Mainly plying informants and interrogating their prisoners. It shouldn come as a surprise the military industrial complex is a dirty place to work and the stuff they do isn all rainbows and unicorns.

Canada Goose Online Democrats hate him now because he exposed how corrupt the political process can be and the DNC canada goose coats on sale (like most political parties) is a hot mess. They apparently willing to do just about anything to get their candidates elected (either legally or illegally), they have a fuck buy canada goose jacket ton of infighting and it a (surprise, surprise) generally a messy business to be in. Canada Goose Online

canada goose store The Republicans The same guys were calling for him to be locked up and branded a treasonous monster, are now his best friends because he finally went after Democrats and showed how corrupt they really are and the lengths they go to in order to get canada goose clearance sale elected. canada goose store

canada goose coats on sale In a nutshell, it dragged the inner workings of the political landscape out in the daylight. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose sale In the end, it always has been and always Canada Goose sale will be about Julian Assange. He doesn play sides and the first moment he can be your best friend and then hours later, he releasing classified docs that show you murdered a family of peasants in Afghanistan when you were a marine ten years ago. The thing that makes him so dangerous is he doesn play sides, he just wants to take EVERYBODY down and expose all the dirty, nasty secrets people have. This then creates a world where people are forced to be truthful and there won be any more reason to keep and maintain secrets. Canada Goose sale

canada goose On the one hand, what he is doing is noble by attempting to force people to be truthful and tell the truth and eliminate secrets. On the other hand, the fact he doesn care who gets hurt or dies because of what he is doing is far more damaging and morally corrupt. Which in a sense, puts him in an uneasy paradox. canada goose

canada goose uk black friday Being awake canadian goose jacket and conscious during a lethal injection, to me, means you are canada goose deals interacting with people, able to say something, like asking for help such as the famously botched electric chair execution in which Willie Francis spoke during the first attempt to execute him in a chair which was wired incorrectly by a drunk prison guard. “Take it off, take it off! Let me breathe!” he is quoted as saying while the current was on. canada goose uk black friday

This to me is complete torture, especially since they sent him back to the same chair just canada goose black friday sale over 1 year later.

That being said, it was always hotly debated whether the electric chair was cruel or not, because of what the condemned appears to experience with their entire body tensing up from the current running through their bodies, even though most severe shock victims in industrial accidents where the current goes through their brain rarely remember the incident and often lose memories and have to re learn motor functions.

The shitty thing is, once someone is dead you cannot pop up a JavaScript survey saying “How did we do!?” and find out for sure if there was suffering.

Canada Goose Parka Along with that, you have the subset of pro death penalty proponents who say they should suffer with statements such as “Did their victims get the same considerations?” I mean, of course they didn but they were being killed by someone with little to no regard for human life. If we were to canada goose support this school of thought, it would be more suitable to just let all convicted murderers free in a yard and allow them to just kill each other until there is Canada Goose Parka one left who we then snipe from atop a guard tower. Canada Goose Parka

I ramble on this subject, because it is so far from being a Black White topic. 12 points submitted 22 hours ago

canada goose uk outlet I always treat calling the cops as a method of persuasion rather than a direct method of intervention given it would be about an hour before they showed up anyway. It one of the reasons I like using my speaker as a speakerphone; it lets the misbehaving person hear that I am Canada Goose Jackets calling the cops and hear the conversation. canada goose uk outlet

cheap Canada Goose My favorite moment of calling the cops was when I Canada Goose Outlet described a driver to 911 canada goose store as. “belligerent” and he wheeled around and bellowed “I AM NOT BELLIGERENT!” right into the speaker at top volume. cheap Canada Goose

The speed limit of the street I am driving on is 45 MPH and I’m going exactly the speed limit. Out of nowhere a driver cut me off and I honked at him, he then began to break check me, which I wasn’t having it. At that point I made every attempt to get away from him which he continued to attempt to get in front of me so he can break check me. You will also see me accidentally cut some one off while trying to get this guy off my back. At the time I was fearing for my life as canada goose coats I don’t know if he has a weapon. At the end when I was at the next red light,you won’t see it on camera but he was yelling obscenities at me. I took a detour to the local police station just in case he followed me. Which thankfully he didn’t.

canada goose clearance If I can decipher the license plate, I can file a police report. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Jackets By the way, canada goose outlet our state has stand your ground laws. Meaning I can use deadly force the moment he becomes a threat. If he approaches my car, especially with a weapon in hand, I am within my rights to shoot with no requirement to retreat. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose online You are exactly the type of entitled person I am buy canada goose jacket cheap tired of owning guns and citing “Stand your ground” laws. Canada Goose online

You rage honked over someone merging too close to you and instantly become emotionally compromised and engaged in swerving all over the road along with the other driver who was road raging along with you.

canada goose uk shop All in all, you engaged in a tit for tat contest with someone, and now you think it is OK to bring firearms into this. canada goose uk shop

buy canada goose jacket cheap JankyS13 1 point submitted 3 days ago buy canada goose jacket cheap

I understand where you coming from before we confirm that the driver didn come to a complete stop, I would like to see another video uploaded, thats ruffly 15 to 30 seconds prior to what was uploaded. The first screen cheap Canada Goose shot of the video shows the truck already in motion, The second screen shot, clearly shows the octagon of the stop sign, The third shows the yield sign. Which goes back to my first comment, “Was the drivers eye skewed from the bright ass sun, that he was driving towards.” Again, I not defending the driver or disregarding the OP opinion in this matter. Just anytime that I see short clips, lacking details to an event, I suspicious on why the video was shortened. More so with public freak out videos on things that we all have seen on idiotbook.

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