We were reminded of that horror by the heartbreaking case of Djena Diallo of Guinea who was brought to Texas 18 years ago by a Southlake couple and forced to cook, clean and serve as a nanny without pay. Diallo testified that she was isolated from her family members, emotionally and physically abused and not allowed to go to school. She escaped in 2016 with the help of her former neighbors..

Reviews Online review sites have taken off and can influence the choice of restaurants. Of course it’s not ethical to pay for a review, but there’s nothing unethical about rewarding a review, good, bad or indifferent. When a diner has finished their brick oven pizza ask them to provide an honest review on one of the online restaurant review sites, your local community site or their own Facebook site, or blog, and email the url of the review.

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Microsoft, ever since the launch of Windows 10, has been focusing on tightening its updates and support rules across the board. In separate announcements last week, the Redmond, Washington giant stated that Microsoft Community Forums and Microsoft staff will shift support scope and not offer technical support for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 RT, Office 2010, cheap canada goose decoys Office 2013, and more such Microsoft products in an attempt to push Windows 10 adoption. This means, Microsoft staff will no longer provide answers or support, but, the community is free to share answers amongst each other..

While converters work fine when the switch is docked, I have read reports about the Mayflash converter causing issues when undocked because when not in cheap canada goose uk the dock, the switch doesn supply enough energy for the stick to function. At least not with the Mayflash. I have no idea if this is also the case with the Brook converter since I found no information about it being used with an undocked switch..

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