The Stars and Bars

Jump to Last Post 1 10 of 10 discussions (86 posts)So the confederate flag is often thought of as a flag that symbolizes racism and treason. I myself am from Tennessee, although now live in Ohio, and have never felt that this flag held those principals. It is arrogant to say though that it isn’t widely accepted as a racist flag.This flag, in my circle, has always represented peoples rights, rebellion Canada Goose sale against the government and individualism. Bo and Luke duke made the flag a symbol of pop Canada Goose online culture during the series Dukes of Hazzard and for them it was a symbol of said rebellion against organized government. I think it has always canada goose store been a symbol cheap Canada Goose of power to the people but it had just happened to be flown during a time when slavery was an issue amongst the people who flew the flag. However I think it is fair to remind people that the north supported indentured servants where people were owned for 20 years instead of life and the American flag has never had any negative thoughts attached to it for slavery. For that matter it canada goose is a flag born of actual treason to England and yet feelings of pride burst in most Americans chest when it is seen.So, what do you people think? Should the confederate flag be something that is accepted or not?Captain Redbeardposted 6 years agoin reply to thisIt was not millions of Americans. It was the deadlist war in American history but millions of Americans did not die in the war. “620,000 soldiers and an undetermined number of canada goose outlet civilian casualties” per wikipedia.I agree that the civil war was a slave/union war. I do not agree with slavery. I believe that every buy canada goose jacket man Canada Goose Outlet and woman has Canada Goose Parka the right to live free and Canada Goose Jackets die free regaurdless of skin color or faith or what have you.So if a Buddist were to wear a canada goose clearance swastika in the meaning of its origin then they should be made to feel like a nazi? I don’t fly the stars and bars but if I did in response to say the Indefinate Detention Act of Americans to show my opposition to this type of Government control, should I be made to feel like a racist?I’m sorry. hundreds of thousands of Americans died as a result of the civil war started by the Confederacy.The Buddist use of the swastika is in no way associated the Nazis movementThe Confederate flag however, was the symbol of the canada goose coats Confederacy and all it embodies.To answer your question, it would be as if someone was to use the flag of Fascist Italy in an effort to promote timely railway transportation.If you canada goose coats on sale wanted to oppose the Indefinate Detention Act, why not fly an American flag. the original symbol against oppressive government?WD Curry 111posted 6 years agoin reply to thisThe Northern States did not hate the South for slavery. That is how the industrialists moved the populace. There had been a great revival that filled the hearts of the average citizen with compassion and opened their minds to the truth. They were fighting for a Godly cause. However, buy canada goose jacket cheap the greatest factor would still exist without slavery on the table. That is how slavery was an issue on that level… power and money… not conscience.The average Floridian owned no slaves, and depended on free African American craftsmen and farmers in many cases. They did not fight for slavery, they fought because they didn’t want Yankees telling them what to do.Yes, power and money would be lost by the aristocracy if it wasnt able to hold on to slavery.Anyway you look at it, slavery was the underlying issue that led to the formation of the confederacy and the civil war. It doesnt matter what was in the hearts and minds of those who were convinced to fight. The fact is those in charge had a vested interest in maintaining slavery, they feared this interest was under attack, so they decided to violently change the political landscape to maintain their lucrative institution without interference.WD Curry 111posted 6 years agoin reply to thisPower and money was the issue with the industrialists up North as well. Slavery was not a moral issue with either of these factions. It was used by powerful men who lost no sleep over the morality of the issue. Slavery was used by that elite group as propaganda that is still effective today. Lincoln himself was reluctant to issue the Proclamation of Emancipation. It was something he wrestled with for a long time. Many canadian goose jacket slaves refused to leave their homes.This is the truth… there were plantations along the South Carolina coast where the slaves were treated with a certain amount of dignity. They were never beaten. They were given their own land, they planted their own little farms, they had time to work them and have a good home life since they were not required to work more than eight hours a day (it may have been less, I don’t remember). They were valued and respected for their skill as craftsmen and builders. They were paid for much of it. Some of the owners bequeathed property, valuables and freedom to their dearest friends (salves). You never hear of this.The point any system works, if it is run with love. There was no more disparity between the slave and his master than there is between me and the corporate aristocracy of our day. If they say jump, I better ask, “How high?” Forget being treated with dignity. If I lose my job, I will be desolate.Have you ever heard of Hilton Head? Until the seventies, it was owned by African Americans who were given the Island as an inheritance by loving “masters”. They held title, in some cases, since the 1700’s. The people were content to live a productive life on the beautiful island with almost no contact with the mainland. They spoke their own language, Geechy, a mix of African and English. Children took boats to school after the elementary grades. The average income was less than $5,000 per year, but they lived well on that with no rent, and plenty of fish, livestock and farming. Then, investors wanted to get their hands on the island, so you can stay at a time share and play golf. The property appraiser jacked up the value, and raised taxes. The long time owners could not pay the bill. They were evicted and their land was auctioned off to an elite group for back taxes. Those people were displaced to Savannah and canada goose clearance sale beyond where they were not equipped to cope with the culture.

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