“It must be noted that the legal effect of Shamim Ara and Shayara Bano cases is that the issuance of ‘talaq’ unilaterally and in one sitting is bad in law, and therefore is of no legal value. Therefore, legally, at best, the issuance of such triple talaq can be considered as abandonment under existing law, including the Indian Penal Code. Furthermore, since such talaq will not be considered legally valid, a Muslim husband will continue to be bound by legal obligations to his wife.

Ask For Input\n\”I ask my employees \u0027What would you do?\u0027 as often as possible and then I actually listen. \u00c3\u00a2\u20ac\u00c2\u00a8This management style creates trust, understanding, involvement, true dialogue, and a shared team vision.\” Bob Shirilla, Marketing Officer at Keepsakes Etc\n13. Get Rid Of Gossiping\n\”There is no possible way to have unity with a group of gossips.

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