Nigeria Diaspora Errand Services (NDES)


Lets help you achieve your Nigeria goals

BIS experts are keen to help Nigerians in diaspora achieve or get any service they desire in Nigeria while in foreign country hence the creation of Nigeria Diaspora Errand Services. We take care of your general errands in Nigeria as we are a company built on professionalism and integrity. Come to think of it, most of the services are free.

So we ask!

Do you require third party assessment of your various projects like building and business in Nigeria? We can assist monitor and verify that the money you are sending is used for the intended purpose.

Do you want to deliver special messages to your love ones here in Nigeria on their special occasions like birthday? We will assist buy and send that special birthday cake on your behalf. We can even visit ‘Mama and Papa’ in the village and give you first-hand information on their health status.

Are you coming to Nigeria? We can assist get that local connecting flights, airport pickups and even hotel reservation during your stay. We will ensure your stay here will be memorable.

Do you want to purchase land or properties in Nigeria? We assist in getting any property of choice within your budget and we also ensure that the property is not encumbered and also provide professional for your building projects

Do you want independent verification of price of any item here in Nigeria? We will make sure you are not cheated.

Whatever the errand, we at Blez integrated Services are at your service so that you will have more personal time.

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