BIS Solar and Inverter System Sales and Installation

Blez Integrated Services (BIS) supplies, installs and services solar energy systems and power control products in Nigeria.

A complete solar system is available for schools, offices, town halls, villages,
residential homes/estates and for a variety of commercial properties.

Solar energy has been and will continue to be the most reliable source of energy in the world. With the correct products, such as those provided by BIS, the sun’s energy will be transformed into electricity for homes and

We also handle Solar Street projects that are eco-friendly and cost effective and also offer complete solar water
borehole installation.

The products also include solar back-up systems, the PV solar panel and back-up power supplies. The solar panels consist of monocrystalline PV panels and polycrystalline PV panels.

solar3BIS products are durable, reliable and tailored to customers’ specific needs. With our
foreign partners, we offer a one year worldwide warranty on all systems.

Also available are various models and capacity of Pure Sine wave inverters.
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